Friday, June 23, 2017


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 It’s officially summer and with summer comes time to spend outdoors with family and friends.  Whether you run a concession stand or are planning a family reunion, company picnic or just want to cook out with friends poolside, Roundeyesupply can provide many things you need to enjoy your summertime gatherings and events.

Below are a few of our favorite items to make a splash with your summertime concession stand needs or group outings.  Let be your go-to site for all your mobile bistro and entertaining needs this summer!


Did you know that Roundeyesupply is the #1 restaurant distributor to concession stands in America?

Portable and disposable products are a must have for all concession stand operators.
From concession stand cups, containers and cartons, we have a vast supply to pull from including over 75 types of paper food trays for your serving needs!

Serve up your bestselling hamburgers, french fries, chicken fingers, hot dogs, burritos, pretzels and more to your patrons in these easy to use paper food trays.   

Plaid Food Tray

Great for grilling hot dogs or warming up the buns, this hot dog machine can grill over 500 hot dogs an hour!

Hot Dog Machine

Every picnic and concession stand should offer disposable products for simplicity sake.  No need to get fancy since it’s all about being relaxed and enjoying what is being served.  This disposable cutlery kit features heavyweight utensils perfect for cutting tough foods like grilled chicken or steak.


Our restaurant supply superstore offers many condiment sauces perfect to top off hotdogs and hamburgers.  Be sure to check out over 100 products alone in our “mustard for concession stands” category.

How about a “picnic pack”? Straight from the king of ketchup, Heinz offers a trio of condiments including ketchup, sweet relish and yellow mustard. 

See over 300 products from Heinz by clicking HERE!